Where are we located?

40 East Derry Road in Derry, New Hampshire (From the traffic circle at the junction of 102 and 28, take East Derry Road. We are 3/4 of a mile up on your left.)

What time are you open?

We are open Monday – Friday from 1:00pm to 9:00pm during the school year & 7:00am-6:00pm during the summer and vacations.

What is there to do?

Please see our program page and stop in for a visit. We have too many programs to even begin mentioning them in this space.

Can I play sports?

How about basketball, wrestling, karate, soccer and baseball for starters.

How much does it cost?

Please visit our Membership Information page.

Why would I want to join?

Please read through our website and contact us if your question has not been answered.

How many members do you have?

We currently have more than 2,000 members.

How can I help?

Please visit our “How can I help” page.

How can I make a donation?

Please contact Art McLean at artm@derrybgclub.org or call Art at 434-6695 x11.

How can I volunteer?

Please contact Kim Trull at kimt@derrybgclub.org or call Kim at 434-6695.