Health & Life Skills


CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) is an evidence-based, coordinated school health program designed to promote physical activity and healthy food choices, and prevent tobacco use in children from preschool through grade 8. The program is currently being implemented in over 7,500 schools and after-school programs across the United States and Canada.

By teaching children that eating healthy and being physically active every day can be FUN, the CATCH Program has proven that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior changes that can last a lifetime.

Smart Moves

A Skills Mastery and Resistance Training program, SMART Moves addresses the problems of drug and alcohol use and disruptive behaviors. Using a team approach of Club staff and peer leaders, the program involves youth in discussion and role-playing, practicing resistance and refusal skills, developing assertiveness, strengthening decision-making skills, and analyzing media and peer influence. To make members comfortable, the program is broken down into various age levels and groups.

Smart Girls

An outgrowth of the SMART Moves program, SMART Girls is a health, fitness, prevention/education, and self-esteem enhancement program for girls ages 10 – 15. The program encourages healthy attitudes and lifestyles that enable early adolescent girls to develop to their full potential.