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Social Recreation

Social Recreation is essential to the healthy development of children and youth and the program is the heart of the Club’s social experience for younger members. In addition to the fun and engagement youth derive from participating in games, contests and other recreational activities, social recreation offers a variety of other important benefits to youth.

Social recreation programs include:

  • Drop-in Activities, including meeting up with friends!
  • Low-organization games, including board and card games
  • On-the-Spot Fun
  • Structured activities, including games-room tournaments, leagues and clinics (e.g. 8 ball instruction, then tournament)
  • Special Events like the Halloween, Christmas, End of School Year parties and activities.


Athletic games – Other athletic games offered at the Club include capture the flag, dodge-ball, kickball, and much more!

Intramural Sports – Seasonally, the Club offers three intramural leagues during the year, including flag football, team handball and dodgeball . For more information about intramural sports, please contact our Athletic Director, Ernie Sharpe for more information.

Wrestling- Visit www.wrestlingrebels.comfor information on our “Wrestling Rebels”.

Karate- The Club offers Karate classes for both beginner and advanced students on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Due to the popularity of this program interested members are put on a waiting list and will be called when they reach the top of the list. For additional information please contact Mike Cassidy.

Weight room – The weight room is available for teen Club members to use. Members are required to have staff supervision before using equipment.

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